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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Madeleine Mayi Debuts Bad Ass Anthem "Lights Out"


Madeleine Mayi is an LA-based, Santa Barbara-raised singer/songwriter with a penchant for fearless songwriting and guitar-based indie rock. Her newest single details friends, foes, and the fearlessness she has had to embody to show the world that nice girls are not to be messed with. “Lights Out” is out now!

“‘Light’s Out’ is a song about backstabbers. It’s an anthem for the too nice, the trampled, and the shy.” - Madeleine Mayi

Madeleine Mayi “takes things really personally.” Of course, that’s not a bad thing when you’re a singer/songwriter with an unparalleled talent for making songs that make people feel. Her newest single, “Lights Out” details this trait of hers through introspective lyrics and quite the catchy tune. The bubbly melody reflects her normal personality, coupled with hard hitting lyrics to show that no matter how sweet she seems, Madeleine Mayi is not to be messed with. The single is an anthem to remind nice girls that they are allowed to be angry, and Mayi will put her boxing lessons to use on the next one who backstabs her. 


As a thoughtful and unapologetic writer with a voice as agile as it is soulful, Mayi’s blend of indie rock and warm synths are nostalgia-inducing and wistfully honest. In pre-pandemic times, after releasing two excellent EPs, 2017’s Just the Six of Us and 2018’s shy and touring across the UK and North America by van, live performance became an integral part of Mayi's artistry. Her thrilling live performances are captured on some of YouTube’s most notable indie live music series such as Jam in the Van and Sofar Sounds. Mayi went on to release her debut album, 2/14 earlier this year. Her vulnerability in her tragedies touched the hearts of listeners, garnering praise from Flaunt Magazine, EARMILK, and more. 


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