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Sunday, August 15, 2021

UK Gospel Rapper DIVITA Debuts “Deep End” video & New Album


Teenage UK hip-hop artist Divita recently released the video to his new single “Deep End”. “Deep End” is the first single off of his debut EP “Introspection”, available digitally now worldwide.

“Deep End”, created by UK producer Frosty Beats, is an introspective banger about redemption and turning from a negative lifestyle of theft and fraud to trying to live for God and living a life of purpose. This “Introspection” EP took around 6 months of constant writing and creating to finish. 

Rap shouldn’t be meaningless and repetitive but neither should it be full of meaning and also not enjoyable, there has to be a balance between having a ‘banger’ while underlying meaning.” - Divita.

Divita named the EP “Introspection” because of the importance of ‘Introspection’ and ability to deeply evaluate yourself. “Growing up especially with my faith as a Christian has propelled me to go into deep evaluation of my identity and the purpose I live for,” says Divita. “That’s why naming the EP I wanted it to revolve around deep thought, purpose and motivations.”

Follow DIVITA on Instagram @DSpiritd and Stream and Download the “Introspection” EP here:

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