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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Johnny Blue "Levitates" in New Single

Canadian hip-hop maestro Johnny Blue showcases his skills with buttery smooth lyrics and calm dynamic beats in his newest single “Levitate.” 

The Toronto-based artist is no stranger to wielding multiple genres to his advantage, as “Levitate” evokes the sensation of a moonlit cruise down city streets, as bumping R&B and jazz dynamics take the wheel. 

The track begins with gentle keys guiding the listener into the passenger seat as a grooving bass line starts the ignition, with Blue’s lyrics slowly pressing on the gas and kicking off a lyrical confession as the tires turn. 

“Got no room for hate / Too much love to circulate / Too much shine to mess with shade / Tryin’ to resonate/ Illuminate, Levitate…”

Blue’s introspective tendency shines through in this track, with every bar acknowledging the reflections of the world around him and the struggles within himself, with his desires for living a serene and purposeful life taking centre stage.

“He thought his squad was solid but snakes are standing beside him / Switch like seasons, okay I change with the time s/ The boy’s a full entree, comes with a couple of sides / Comes with a couple of vibes…”

The tone of the track doesn’t shy away from Blue’s past, with allusions to the type of person he was, his brushes with the law, and the kind of individual he’s trying to be now. 

“Johnny Blue’s music is experience-driven and much of it revolves around storytelling. His turbulent past serves as a valuable resource when it comes to his creative process. His work is a reflection of his navigation through life and himself.” — Official Artist Biography. 

“Levitate” is just a piece into the mind and soul of Johnny Blue, with the whole picture coming together on his soon-to-be-released EP Until Then.


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