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Saturday, January 8, 2022

24Kay’s Hot New Project “No Cursin”


“No Cursin” is the well known hot new project created by 24Kay and Zel. Song “Luh Momma” from this project has been seen and heard on Satellite Radio/ TV and also on platforms: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and ROKU. This is 24Kay’s first project EVER with no profanity on any of the songs. Believe it or not this is a master piece waiting to be heard from the greatest. He linked up with one of South Carolina’s Upcoming Producers Zel & they’ve been heating up the streets since! Being an indie artist and having to come out of pocket for everything you do is no easy process. Having to deal with obstacles with no love from the hometown and even no support from family and the close ones. Still these two remain to keep it together and stay humble to become who they are today. It’s also talk and rumors saying that they have more in the works! Keep a ear and eye out for these two and don’t miss out on upcoming events from them!

Follow 24Kay on Social Media and click here to listen to "No Cursin" - https://unitedmasters.com/m/nocursin

Instagram: @Callme24Kay
Twitter: @Callme24Kay
TikTok: @Thereal24kay

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