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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Darrell Kelley – “Insane In The Ukraine”


Darrell Kelley sounds the battle cry against Vladimir Putin and Russia’s decision to invade the Ukraine region. “Insane In The Ukraine” harks back upon the iconic Cypress Hill title of their hit, “Insane In The Membrane”. Calling out the country, and the man who leads it, for the horrendous war crimes currently being committed on a daily basis inside the former Soviet Union satellite country, he pulls no punches. And this activist artist is not alone. Through several passages in the piece, the American president, Joseph Biden, whose voice is heard intoning the repeated phrase of “Who in the Lord’s name?” which was sampled from one of the USA elected leader’s more recent speeches concerning the Russian invasion.

Learn more on Darrell’s website: darrellkelleyofficial.com and follow @darrellkelleyofficial on instagram.
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