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Monday, September 26, 2022

Baltimore Rapper Von Tae Debuts "On God"

Baltimore-based Von Tae’s newest single is a masterclass in velvet delivery and silk sonic music production from start to finish. Reflecting on the trials and tribulations associated with day-to-day life, “On God” is a proficient retelling of mantras and wisdom paired excellently with a side of raw emotion.


Von Tae recounts his darkest days in this heartfelt track, revisiting homelessness in Atlanta, the death of his oldest brother, infidelity, and a global pandemic. The whole production is reminiscent of an intimate confessional – two strangers in a dark room, confessing their hardships and reflecting without judgment.


Von Tae’s commitment to his music career speaks volumes about his character. Facing such hardships would break even the strongest people, yet Von Tae continues to release music consistently and drum up noise surrounding his personal brand. Leaning heavily on his music to pull him out of a dark spot, saying, “I released ‘On God’ during one of the most challenging times of my life. Within the last few years leading up to the album, I dealt with a host of issues. I’ve learned that life is a fight, and the only way you’ll lose is if you stop swinging.”


“On God” teases the release of Von Tae’s newest project, On God: Single & Remixes. The EP is a collection of remixes inspired by Von Tae’s struggles and encounters featuring different musical perspectives from Tae as well as other breakthrough artists, including French artist Nicolas Quédreux.


American singer, songwriter, and rapper Von Tae was born under the name DeVante Eugene Jones in Calvert County, Maryland. Tae is one of six siblings who was rehomed early on in their lives, being placed with three of his siblings. His foster parents introduced the children to Gospel music early on, and from there music became a big part of Von Tae’s life. Finding himself playing multiple instruments early on in his school years, Tae found himself playing along with popular R&B/Soul and Hip Hop songs throughout his childhood.


Eventually, in 2007, Von Tae and his sister April Jones formed a dance group called “K-Crew,” named after the street their family grew up on – Kent Road. The two performed in talent shows and other local events, developing a lot of chatter around themselves. Eventually, Tae joined a nonprofit dance team called Dance Empowerment. Tae’s love for music didn’t stop as his childhood came to an end, though.


His experiences throughout life provided a rock-solid foundation for his aspirations – and he wasn’t going to let that go.


Von Tae first broke out into the global public eye with the release of his controversial single, “Contagious,” sending social media into a frenzy. After J. Cole retweeted the single, Von Tae spiraled into virality, finding himself featured by various media outlets such as Jet Magazine, and was praised directly by industry veterans such as Senior A&R Earl Johnson.


Seeing his opportunity to step into the limelight fully, Von Tae quit his job and auditioned for “American Idol” as well as P. Diddy and MTV’s reboot of “Making The Band.” However, as the nation was reeling from COVID, productions ceased and roles were dropped, leaving Von Tae in the dark.


Needing a stroke of luck, Tae moved to Atlanta to pursue his music career full-time, although he didn’t really find his stride. It wasn’t until he relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina that he started filming more content, releasing new music, and networking.


After releasing a string of covers Von Tae decided it was time to release his long-awaited album Note To Self. Released through his independent label, 6820 Entertainment, the album received an overwhelming response. Praised for its lyrical content, Note To Self found its way through the media cycle as publishers began praising songs such as “Love Games,” “On God,” and “Beauty.”


After the release of Von Tae’s highly anticipated On God: Single & Remixes EP, Tae plans on jumping right back into work with a follow-up album set for release in 2023.

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