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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Gypsy Hussle - "The Come Up"


Emcee/vocalist Gypsy Hussle has been a main stay in the Adelaide Hip Hop scene for close to 10 years. Previously under the alias Grand Scheme, his debut EP 'On The Edge' was received well nationwide, collaborating with the likes of Social Change, Taiaha and producer Inkswel.

''The Come Up" is a future leaning beat framed by Trap undertones, marks the territory for Gypsy Hussle to wax lyrical about the drive and passion to 'Get The Job Done'. Adelaide legend Social Change steps in to lend assistance on the pronounced and powerful chorus- whilst local Turntablist DJ Snair adds the last finesse to carry things home. An anthem for those who hustle on the regular.

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