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Monday, March 13, 2023

Oriye Cazz - "Don’t Compete, Don’t Compare" EP


Hailing all the way from Amsterdam, rapper Oriye Cazz has just released his latest project, "Don't Compete, Don't Compare", following the success of his previously released singles such as "Rolling Like The Stones," "The Blow Up," and "Moving Up ft. Romy Dya." The new project promises to bring some heat to listeners' eardrums with its unique blend of hard-hitting drums and mellow, jazzy vibes.

Collaborating with Lewbi, a producer from Leeds, UK, and Paradox from the Czech Republic, Oriye showcases his diversity in creating music through "Don't Compete, Don't Compare." The project is a testament to his artistry, blending different sounds and styles to create a remarkable listening experience.

"Don't Compete, Don't Compare" is a great start to Oriye's 2023 and sets the tone for what promises to be a successful year for the talented artist.

Check out the EP and watch the video for "Back to Business" below.

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