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Friday, August 11, 2023

Long Island's Freddy D Inspires in new single "Life of the Party"


When you're worried too much about what others think of you, it can be hard to be yourself. Sometimes, the right song can give you the encouragement you need to let go of other's perceptions of you. Long Island, NY based Hip-Hop artist Freddy D aims to encourage listeners to be themselves in his new single, "Life Of The Party."


The song kicks off with the chorus right from the start as Freddy D asserts that they will keep being who they are even when no one is paying attention or when people hate them. He raps against a trippy backbeat that is just as catchy as the lyrics.



"We gone keep it going

When nobody is watching

We gone keep on moving

when them haters are blocking

Party yea

Be the life of the party

Yea, yea, yea

I don’t really need know one

If I can’t really be myself"


Of course, the verses are just as confident as the chorus. Freddy D raps with an easygoing flow as he discusses his personal journey and how he remains confident in himself despite the odds being against him.


In fact, the song was inspired by the artist's personal observations about being online. "It speaks from an introverted aspect, especially for every human that’s currently on social media. It depicts what it’s like creating your own party and enjoying it regardless of who sees it or not."

Freddy's D journey to music began with his family. Freddy's mother sang gospel, his father wrote poetry, and his brother made beats, so stepping up to the mic was inevitable for him. He released his first album "Hunger" in 2013 and followed it with a slew of other EPs and albums over the next ten years.


His newest project is the upcoming album EGO, which is short for "Energy Goes On". Produced and written by Freddy D himself, the album will be released in September 2023. Its first single is "Life Of The Party", which has an accompanying music video featuring Freddy D happily having a one-man party.

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